Wednesday, 12 November 2008

More images of work on and around Simonside

Below are a few of the images resulting from a weekend spent at Lordenshaws and on the Simonside Hills near Rothbury. The weather was pretty bad at times and I wasn't sure if we (myself and my glamorous assistant Mair Hughes) were going to make it up Simonside, it felt like my Solstice experience all over again!

However, the clouds moved on enough to make us think it was safe to go up. We had worked out a carrying method for the replica rock I had commissioned from Robin Burch (Spice Design) and amid much hilarity we set off up Simonside.

Once again what was interesting about being on this site was the interaction with fellow walkers. Of course I was attracting a bit of attention with a giant rock strapped to my back. Mair was surprised at the people who just walked by without a second glance, but I was most surprised by the people who asked "Is it real?"

I feel like there is much more to come out of this work, I would like to work with geo-cachers in order to place the rock in a variety of sites around the park. There are more places around Simonside I would like to take it to as well, I think it needs to spend some time with the solstice rock. I would also like to get back in touch with Chris Jones ( NNP archaeologist) and record a discussion about the archaeological implications of the work.

However, for now I am just interested to see what all the Triparks work looks like together. We will all meet on the 15th November in Dulverton, Sommerset for a preview exhibition.

every cloud has it's silver lining

on Lordenshaws

infiltrating Lordenshaws

spot the rock