Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Much has happened since my last posting, but no new photos.

Paul and I went for a circular walk along Hadrain's Wall and through some forest areas on Thursday. We actually followed the Pennine Way for a little bit, we aspire to walking the length of the park via the Pennine Way, but for the meantime a day's walk in the sweltering heat was quite enough. I think we walked about 10 miles. I decided not to take my camera because it changes the way you experience things if you are constantly assessing whether or not to capture the moment.

Anyhow, we had an interesting chat along the way; I'm not sure how our walks will filter into the project but I feel they are an important way for Paul and I to connect.

I bit the bullet on Friday and proposed one of my project ideas to Andrew Miller (NNP north manager), I got the answer I had anticipated: NO, but I am not down hearted (honest).

My idea was to carve a coded image of the view from the top of Simonside into the soft sandstone rock that it is formed out of. A permanent site specific piece that would sit discretely alongside the exisiting "grafitti". The site is a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and the park wants to preserve it, the worry was that any new markings on the rock might encourage more and more and more.........

Andrew and I met again today and we continued our dicussion about the pros and cons of monuments, memorials and markings. I want to write more about this but for now I will just leave this link to an article on the Scottish Mountaineering Council site about memorials on Scottish mountains. (see live link on side of postings)

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