Sunday, 20 July 2008

Much later on, in July

After my weekend in Rothbury I had quite a long time away from the park, I made a trip to Iceland and persued Robin for a quote to make me a rock about 60 x 60 x 60cm.

As always things change, ideas modify and practical issues like money and time necesitate compromise.

I've been thinking long and hard about the replica rock idea and would still like it to be an element of this project, but I also have another set of ideas that I feel may take priority.

I have been coming back to two phrases about the landscape that I encountered in the early stages of this project:


They refer to different types of ecology and I encountered them in reference to the two seperate areas of the park North and South.

I have been in contact with a memorial stonemason from Rothbury (John Clark) about commissioning him to make two stones with these phrases carved into them, one black granite one white marble.

I met him on Saturday morning in the cemetry nr Rothbury. He is a very gentle man, perfect considering the delicate nature of his work. He showed me various examples of stones and we discussed different techniques. He works with a man who hand cuts letters (sandblasting is the other option), I really want to work with this letter cutter, John said hand cutting is a dying art and I'd like to take the opportunity before its too late.

Some how this issue of preservation and restriction keeps coming up. Aparently white marble and black granite is not allowed in churchyards any more, only "natural" "old" looking stone, more planning and control of the aesthetics of place.

John left me with a catalogue of memorial stones, it makes interesting reading....

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