Sunday, 20 July 2008

Potential site and Church Rock

I re joined the official path an continued my ascent. The wind was so strong that I have to admit I was really just concentrating on keeping upright most of the time. My main mission was meant to be finding potential rock candidates for robin to use as models for our replica. I kooked at a couple of sites and identified one potential candidate and site. While I was contemplating the site a fellow walker joined me, he told me a good way through the woods via Church Rock in the woodland. I had a really pleasant, sheltered walk through the woods and found the rock easily.

The Newcastle Hotel was a little quieter on Sunday night and I had time to think about what I might like to inscribe on the replica rock. I am interested in using some of the icons from my digital camera display screen a reference to how most people enjoy the view nowdays: through their technology.

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